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Meet Our Team


Dr. Cardon is an expert in plant physiology and plant-microbe interactions in the rhizosphere, including using genetically engineered bacterial microbiosensors to probe microenvironmental conditions.


Dr. Giblin is an expert in biogeochemistry of sediments, especially linked to cycling of sulfur, nitrogen, iron, and phosphorus. She is lead PI of the Plum Island Ecosystems Long Term Ecological Research site.


Dr. Paul is an expert in genomic underpinnings of interactions among 

microorganisms, and among microbial cells and viruses, especially drivers of genetic variation and their effect on ecology.


Dr. Peredo is an expert in plant molecular biology and evolution, including transcriptomics and tissue culture. She is particularly interested in mechanisms enabling plant transitions to new environments.


Dr. Ruff is an expert in microbial ecology and sulfur-cycling microbes, including design and maintenance of enrichment cultures and bioreactors for exploring syntrophic interactions. 


Dr. Pérez Castro is an expert in soil/sediment microbial ecology and geochemistry, particularly the relationship between structure and function of microbial communities and their role in nutrient cycles.


Suzanne Thomas is the senior lab technician on this project, with a broad skill set including water chemistry, culture maintenance, field experimentation, and dedication to issues of diversity and justice.

Summer 2020 Undergraduate Collaborators

Screenshot from 2020-06-16 11-09-46.png
  • Eli Ahiamadjie, Delaware State University

  • Scott Buresh, Boston University

  • Geoffrey Burns, University of Virginia

  • Alexis Correira, Bridgewater State University

  • Alexandra Ellerstein, University of Chicago

  • Jaimy Jabon, University of Massachusetts Boston

  • Jack Riley, University of Chicago

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