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We are developing methods for:

  • axenic propagation of Sporobolus, for controlled combination with

  • root-associated microbes that we isolate from salt marsh sediments using in situ "microbial traps."

  • With these components in hand, we will populate "symcosms" with the three partners (Sporobolus, sulfate reducers, and sulfur oxidizers), to enable exploration of the symbiotic mechanisms supporting salt marsh health.

See our shared tools at the links on the Sporobolus propagation page. 


Sporobolus propagation

Whether in marsh sediments,  hydroponics systems, or enclosed on sterile medium, we find Sporobolus grows quickly! 


Microbial traps

"Microbial traps" designed by Ed Goluch at Northeastern provide 24 tiny wells that can be baited and placed in the environment to attract particular microbes.



We're in the design phase for the sym-cosms - check back soon!

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